Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I think Jay is a Horseplayer

Jay Cronley is a favorite in HANA Land. Most of you read him and we get sent his links often from members. He usually writes a gem and is as funny as heck. This column is no exception.

Nobody said that this game would play downwind or downhill. But we're horse players. We have experience with being confused on a daily basis, with being robbed almost hourly, with being incorrect consistently. We are treated like deadbeats, it's as though the race track is doing us a favor by taking our money.

More here.

Some kudos to Youbet here on Paceadvantage. Good on you, youbet!

Props from us to Dan Illman of the DRF. Dan mentioned our group when asked by someone on his blog about horseplayer groups. Thank you Dan for thinking of us.

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