Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl Weekend

We are taking a little break from the countdown this weekend at HANAblog. We will start it back up Monday and have a few surprises thrown in for those who have been following along and commenting.

For those of you commenting, thank you very much! Tracks, states and commissions need to hear from the customer so they can make the experience better. With handles down in 2008, and little sign of abatement, it is essential to the sport that we all play, no matter what you do - bet, train, own or run a track.

Many of the comments are focusing on the live track experience. Although we love hearing anecdotes and stories from local patrons (keep them coming!), we must reiterate - the live track experience was not looked at with the ratings. It is virtually impossible to rate the tracks for this with a small sample size, or without metrics to do it properly. But, you can help. In the future we plan on doing exactly this, through a membership survey. There are over 500 of you now in HANA, and we are growing daily. We hope to have enough members to get a statistically valid sample of horseplayer opinion through such surveys. We think it will be not only fun, but it will provide horseplayer value, and be good for the tracks themselves to see what players are saying about their service. Our game can not evolve for the better unless we speak up, have our voices heard, and work together.

How can you help? Please join us. Your privacy is assured, there is no fee to join. It only takes a minute. We do not bombard you with emails, either. Your privacy and opinion matter.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for joining HANA. We hope, with your help, we can make a difference.

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