Sunday, January 25, 2009

HANA Track Ratings - #18 Fonner Park

The Horseplayers Association of North America has rated Fonner Park 18th out of the 65 tracks studied in North America.

Cumulative Takeout Score: 2.44
Field Size: 8.4
Wager Variety Score: 0.0
Best Feature: Extremely Low WPS Takeout

Total HANA Score: 2.025

Even small tracks can provide value for local horseplayers and deserve to be recognized. Little known Fonner Park possesses the 2nd lowest win, place, show takeout on the continent. Fonner races a short meet, in Grand Island Nebraska and has done so since 1954.


Anonymous said...

I would enjoy online wagering and watching 18th rated Fonner Park's races. The low WPS takeout is commendable. There are many lesser rated tracks on which online bettors can both watch and wager.Is there a reason you know of which would explain why this is apparently not available?

Race Replays advertises the availability of Fonner re-runs -- so it is clear there is a video signal being produced. Doesn't anyone live video stream their racing? And is there any ADW company you know of which takes action on their races ?

HANA said...

I am not sure where/what is offered by them. I do know that simulcasting your signal costs you satellite money. I think it is something like $7500 a month. With a small track, with a small program for state breds it is a fee that some would not find easy to pay. But I have no idea in this case.

For local fans they certainly are getting some bang for their buck there.

Anonymous said...

Fonner Park wagering is available at tracks/OTB parlors in Illinois & Indiana. Why they do not seem to be available online is a mystery.