Saturday, January 24, 2009

HANA Track Ratings - #19 Sunland Park

The Horseplayers Association of North America has rated Sunland Park 19th out of the 65 tracks studied in North America.

Cumulative Takeout Score: 1.45
Field Size: 9.3
Wager Variety Score: 2.0
Best Feature: Field size

Total HANA Score: 2.024

Rank: 19

Nearly $54 million was wagered on the Sunland product last season, up over 32% from the previous season. Business continues to surge, bolstered by full fields and increased racing quality.

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Anonymous said...

The wildly different wind component from day to day increases the volatility and allows for plenty of value opportunity for trip note takers.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I have always attributed the change to a changing track. I never looked at wind.

Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

Field size yields competitive racing there. Nice place to take a shot early in the week, when other big tracks are not running.

Chalk Eating Weasel said...

Regarding wind direction. Watch Calder Race Course which is generally a speed favoring track. The prevailing winds are typically of the ocean and at the backs of the horses as they come down the backstretch for sprint distance races. However, on some days, due a cold front coming through or local weather variations like thunderstorms in the summer, the wind may come out of the west. When the wind is out of the west, it is in front runners faces and causing them to expend more energy while the pressers and closers can draft behind and then get a boost from the wind as they come down the stretch to the wire.

If on a simulcast, see if you can get a view of the flags. If the flag is starched to the right on your screen, the wind is out of the west and closers should be given extra consideration.