Friday, January 30, 2009

HANA Track Ratings - #13 Santa Anita

The Horseplayers Association of North America has rated Santa Anita 13th out of the 65 tracks studied in North America.

Cumulative Takeout Score: 2.44
Field Size: 8.7
Wager Variety Score: 1.0
Best Bet: Low WPS takeout

Total HANA Score: 2.137

Rank: 13

Santa Anita, like Del Mar, has provided horseplayers with solid takeout value for some time as mandated. Also as Del Mar, field size is an issue, however.

On track promo's are a staple at Santa Anita. In addition, Xpressbet offers a 2% rebate to players who choose to play Santa Anita through the Magna ADW. Horseplayers with a churn rate of six or seven can up their handles appreciably with this promotion, and help their bottom line. The 2% rebate brings Santa Anita's win takeout to under 14%, which would rank them the best in North American racing.

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Anonymous said...

One of my favorite parts of the Santa Anita experience is that you felt welcomed there most of the day. From daybreak at Clocker's Corner to moonrise at Sirona's. When I am there I never feel like I am going to get shoo'ed away for having my form spread open handicapping. In short, the environs are inviting.

Anonymous said...

you,ve got to be kidding me Del Mar the 14th and Santa Anita the 13th...i,ve been to 40 tracks in North America and they are both in the top 5

HANA said...

Our ranking system is spoken about in several posts, including the preview and the most recent post. It has nothing to do with the live track experience, as that is a subjective ranking that we did not deal with through interviews. the algorithm is based on takeouts, field size and wager value with breadth of wagers.