Friday, January 23, 2009

HANA Track Ratings - #20 Sam Houston

The Horseplayers Association of North America has rated Sam Houston Race Park 20th out of the 65 tracks studied in North America.

Cumulative Takeout Score: 2.00
Field Size: 8.7
Wager Variety Score: 2.0
Best Bet: 12% Pick 3!

Total HANA Score: 2.000

Rank: 20


Anonymous said...

It is hard to comment until there are a few more tracks release in order to compare. Looking forward to the next additions.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon,

I think you'll get a feel as time goes on and we release more and more tracks. Everyone knows the big ones, but some smaller tracks are doing some great things. A couple of the top twenty may surprise you.

As for commenting, there is so much negativity that we feel we should be proactive and positive in stressing what some places are doing well. We would love to hear from players of these tracks and why they enjoy them. If any player's play some of the listed tracks (especially some of the smaller venues) we would love to hear what they like about them.

For example, I love that Texas racing offers a value bet like the 12% pick 3. You can make some hay with that bet, I find.

Thanks for the response, and I hope you enjoy the list as it develops.

Anonymous said...

One of the components of making a facility player friendly is where he can put his rear. Most don't want to stand all day. The simulcast area in north end of the first level of the grandstand offers a clean, quiet and well serviced area for the high end players without a high-end admission price.

Once while I was there, the then-GM Bob Bork came by and asked the players how was everything and if they needed anything. Very impressive.

HANA said...

Good story. Thanks for sharing that.

Anonymous said...

As an octogenarian, I do not attend race tracks or betting theatres. I depend on TSN's Advantage Plan for the basic info and the Internet. I bet about 8K per month.
I do not incur any cost to the racetrack operators for their infrastuctures, etc.
My ideal track for total info is Keeneland. You can click on their website with out any secret passwords and they even show video streaming of horses. It gripes me that a race track will setup a website and not video stream their product. It is a big world out on the Internet..
Now for Retama: When the meet started, I asked them about Internet video streaming and within a couple days I received a reply from Steve Ross, Simulcast Director, that it looked feasible to have it set up in a week or so. A few days later he confirmed that it was being set up and provided me with a temporary link for the streaming.
This is what the industry needs.
Alex Sidor