Saturday, December 20, 2008

Someone is Listening

It is not the be all and end all, but in a nice surprise, racing stalwart Churchill Downs and Twinspires is offering a 5% rebate on a race this weekend.

It is not earth shattering, and we won't see massive power of churn like is noticed at places like RGS or Premier Turf Club, but it is something to take advantage of. Unfortunately, the rebate will be placed in your account in around a week. Note to tracks: if you are going to take advantage of churn, place the cash in the account the next day. Follow what the offshores do with that and you'll be better off.

Regardless, in a rapidly increasing high takeout environment, every little bit helps so we give kudos to Mr. Evans and the crew at Twinspires.


Anonymous said...

Gimmicks like this really prove nothing. I mean, what is the point? Does anyone think that someone is going to excited because if they bet $40 on the race, that they will have an extra $2 show up in a week?
That extra money will be bet until it is lost, but they won't notice or care about that element because this is just too small a reward.
Even if they get a bit more action on the race, what will this prove?

Anonymous said...


If they get no increased action, they will use it as justification that players are not price sensitive.

Pro-rebate idealoque should be their lungs on this race to prevent the forementioned argument.


HANA said...

Racing would not do that would they? Holy smokes, event the lotteries have experimented for years, not for one race, or one week or one bet.

Hold it, you are correct, they probably would :)