Monday, December 29, 2008

They're Tough Out There!

Jockey Eric Saint-Martin was suspended 2 months in Hong Kong for elbowing. For hockey fans, this infraction usually results in a two minute penalty, however hockey players do not ride 1200 pound horses.

You can watch the video here. This is the HKJC page. What a nice page for bettors and fans. Talk about giving us some good information! Hat tip to Equidaily.

There is a new site out on Racing Partnerships. It is a directory. If you ever wondered if you would want to take a shot at fractional ownership but do not know if one exists in your state, click here and check.

We have
been harping on it here, and it is a huge reason HANA was formed - getting better prices for bettors so we can bet more and have a shot to win at racing. We believe that rebates should be for small players and big players, not just the big ones. Here is a post from a small player that used rebates to his benefit this past year. This illustrates that when you have a good shot to win you take the game seriously and your handle can be increased.

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