Wednesday, December 17, 2008

News n' Notes From Members; Retama Free Contest

A few thoughts on a Wednesday:

We have received some great feedback from our very first newsletter. A few people emailed to say they were interested in HANA pins, a few asked for further information, and a few emailed just to say hi. That was awesome. Further, it appears that when we asked you to forward the newsletter to friends, you have done exactly that! We have had several signups today. That's great.

We would like to keep the momentum going, so if you have not forwarded it to a friend, and if you would like to express your interest in a pin, please email. We'd love to hear from you.

Second up: Retama Park simulcast director Steve (a HANA member!) emailed us and told us about an online handicapping contest that they are offering. It is free and you can win some moola if you are good ($1000 first prize). It is done online only, so if you are looking for something to do, place a few choices and want a shot, join the contest. If you notice the signup page Steve starts the contest with these words:

"This is a game of skill."

So let's see if a HANA member can win. If one does, you will get a prize from HANA, in addition to the cash Steve is offering. I am sure we can scrounge something up. You have to be a HANA member before the 24th of December however, to receive the prize. You can sign up for HANA here.

If any track or organization is giving back something to players, email us, we would be happy to let members know about it. Our game is expensive, so every little bit helps.

Last but not least, a couple of you have asked for a direct link to the Facebook page for HANA. It is here. We have had about ten new fans join us the past few days. Very nice; we thank you!

PS: If you signed up for HANA on Monday or Tuesday this week (I believe there were four or five of you) would you mind signing up again? Unfortunately during our database work our new memberships on those days were deleted. I know you took some time out of your day to sign up so apologies from us here for messing that up.

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