Thursday, April 10, 2014

Some Reaction To Churchill Downs Takeout Increase

This is only the first hour. We'll have more later.


Anonymous said...

Uh, you idiots. Churchill isn't targeting the HANA morons or those into "social media". They are going after a right-minded fan base.

The picture you're painting would be like losing Kim Kardashian as a customer and then worrying about it.

Anonymous said...

The poster should open his eyes, there are several million dollar players listed, and a lot of every day bettors.

If those aren't "right minded" players, those non-right minded types can play at my track any time they want.

Unknown said...

I always felt fortunate that Churchill was my neighborhood track and that it always ranked high on HANA's track ratings. I felt proud as a Kentuckian that most of my wagering dollars throughout my racing calendar year would go to the tracks that are closest in location to me. (Churchill and Keeneland). Now Churchill has screwed that up. I know its not possible but I wish they would only raise their takeout iOaks and Derby day. They are basically encouraging me to take my wagering dollars elsewhere. Thank goodness for online wagering.Congrats to HANA for immediately changing track rankings. Horseplayers have an ally with you guys!


Anonymous said...

... yeah, and Kim Kardashian has "20.7 Million" listed followers on Twitter.

However, "right-mindedness" isn't something they're believed to have in common.

Churchill Downs looks forward to tomorrow's fans, and doesn't concern itself with a bunch of fossils at O.T.B.

Anonymous said...

First $100 wagered goes to my hpibet online wagering account to receive the benefit of live streaming of races.

Everything above $100 is wagered through my offshore wagering account because I get an untiered 15% rebate.

I used to care about keeping my money local but since the customer service I receive didnt warrant my handle, I took my business elsewhere. Isnt the free market great! Dont get me started on the issue of breakage as you can lose as much as $0.19 for every $2 payout. With todays computer, are you kidding me you cant publish odds down to the penny? Instead, the tracks keeps that money. So after careful reflection of the customer service I get, I take what I can get through offshore accounts no different than how the track takes from their customers.