Friday, April 25, 2014

Daily Racing Form: "Spring is in the Air"

Well a positive look at the new CD meet was tried, but I don't think it went over too well.

In a DRF Churchill preview, which was about the track opening, the article did not mention the raise in prices on customers.

....... but the comments section sure reminded Churchill Downs what's on people's minds:

"While DRF reported on the increased takeout rates on April 11, given that DRF is intended for horseplayers there is really no excuse for Mr. McGee not to have even mentioned the increases in this article. That is the "change in the air" of most importance to many DRF readers."

"The new spelling of GREED in American Racing: CDI. Mr. McGee, the BIGGEST change at Churchill this year is the increased takeouts to the maximums allowed by law and you did NOT think that was important enough to mention in this article. "

" I plan on spending zero dollars at churchill. Well, I lie....I'm going to put the biggest show bet on wise dan and have churchill enjoy a negative takeout pool "

"Nice fluff, Marty - meanwhile, Fair Grounds is crumbling away with a turf course that doesn't drain, a video board that doesn't work, broken doors, a prehistoric grandstand and price gouging on big days"

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