Wednesday, February 4, 2009

HANA Track Ratings: #9 Oaklawn Park

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Anonymous said...

Now, if Oaklawn wants to be really fan friendly, they should resolve their dispute with the horsemen so that this HANA member can bet their races on Philadelphia Park's Phonebet platform. Nothing worse than handicapping a card, logging into Phonebet, punching in a wager and receiving an error message that says to call customer service. So when you call customer service they say that out-of-state residents can not bet Oaklawn.

Sorry to sound negative, but I'm just stating the facts.

Come on, Oaklawn executives and horsemen, you've got slot revenue subsidizing the purses. How about thinking of your fans? You know, those people who actually bet on your racing product.

John Swetye
Vice President, HANA