Tuesday, February 3, 2009

HANA Top Ten Tracks Exclusively at the Bloodhorse

We would like to announce that HANA’s countdown of the top tracks in North America will be featured exclusively on One track will be featured each day, counting down from the tenth ranked track, to the top ranked track.

“We are thrilled to have our ratings featured at the,” said HANA President Jeff Platt. “I think it is a good fit. We are promoting what horseplayers are looking for in terms of wagering value, and to have that featured on a site which is frequented by industry insiders is a good thing. A dialogue between the horseplayer and other industry stakeholders I believe is very valuable.”

The HANA track ratings have been counted down on HANAblog. Tracks 20 through 11 have sparked interest and commentary. As well, our web traffic has been increasing.

"The response has been great," Platt said. "Our countdown has been featured daily at the Paulick report. On behalf of the board I would like to thank Ray Paulick and his crew for giving our ratings for tracks 20 to 11 a solid spot on his page. I would also like to thank Ryan Conley of The Blood Horse for publishing our top 10. We can not thank them enough. At HANA, where membership is free, we need exposure to grow our membership and people like Ray, Ryan, bloggers, and our friends on chat boards linking the articles are our lifeblood right now."

HANA’s top ten tracks will be released via feature articles. These articles were written with input from the tracks themselves. HANA would like to thank each track for taking our calls and answering our questions. We were blown away how open you were and how much time you gave us. Also, HANA member Greg Reinhart took time out of his schedule to write each piece. They took some time, and Greg was not paid. We thank him for his efforts.

Please enjoy the HANA Top Ten, look for all 65 tracks to be released in a couple of weeks, and once again thank you for your support.

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