Thursday, February 5, 2009

HANA Track Ratings: #8 Hawthorne

Please enjoy our feature story on number 8, Hawthorne Race Course at the


Anonymous said...

The Hawthorne takes as listed in the story are incorrect - here are the correct Hawthorne takes from their own website so take the #8 with a grain of salt.

HANA said...

Thanks Tom. You bring up a very good point regarding takeout rates and them being published. There is no set rule, nor there is a set platform for them. Gleaning them from Bris and the DRF as well as other sites yields sometimes different numbers. The horseplayer magazine when publishing their takeout rates by track ran into similar issues, that were documented.

When all is said and done HANA hopes that it becomes a staple for all tracks and all jurisdictions to publish and update their takeout rates. It is an essential point of every business and HANA believes that racing should follow suit. We dont walk into Wal-Mart and see a $30 advertised price for an MP3 player on one site, and $60 on another.

FYI, adding the HAW takeouts into the spreadsheet and the alogrithm does not change too much, however we will be updating and coming up with a version II of our list as we get more and more data from tracks themselves.

Thanks again for adding the HAW link. It is extremely helpful.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick response. Looking forward to version II as well as the full list of 65 tracks