Thursday, February 12, 2009

Number One

HANA's number one track out of the 65 studied, in terms of our algorithm of takeout, field size and wager variety is Keeneland Race Course in Lexington Kentucky. Simply put, there is no better value for a wagering dollar on the Continent than at Keeneland. Their takeout score was first, field size second and wager variety second.

And it was not even close. Their final HANAscore was well over 25% higher than the second place track, and dwarfed many of the others. They were number one with a bullet.

Please read our feature article on Keeneland at the

We would like to thank everyone for reading and commenting on the list. We are currently in the stages of placing our entire list on the HANA site and should have that done by next week.

Thanks again to everyone involved in the first annual track ratings. We hope to be back bigger and better next year.

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Anonymous said...

Most excellent choice.

I know on track experience was not looked at, but I have never felt more welcome anywhere like I am at Keeneland. As well, they care about takeouts and helping people win.

Kudos on this list. And congrats to Keeneland.

Anonymous said...

I only wish they ran more than 30 days a year. It's one of my all-time favorite tracks to watch and to bet.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a track that truly understands the importance of customer ranked on top.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I never even thought of rating tracks using objective criteria before. Takeout, field size, and a player friendly wagering menu! Are you kidding me? You guys at HANA should know that makes entirely too much sense!

Thing is, once you stop and think about it it's really obvious why KEE ranks out at #1.

I can only hope other tracks notice where they rank and why. Wouldn't it be great if all tracks started doing the same things that KEE does?

Anonymous said...

Simply put, Keeneland is the model that all other tracks should embrace. Always has been. It would be difficult to duplicate its physical beauty, but even a 50% emulation of its customer awareness would be an improvement for most tracks.

Anonymous said...


As a Gambler and a Fan this is the track I enjoy the most.

My only gripe would be the Polytrack.

Alex Sidor said...

A greatly deserved honour. Just like being let loose in a candy store. Superb presentation of the sport.
Now if only some of Keenelands accomplishments would rub off on their subsidiary - Turfway Park.

Anonymous said...

Nick Nicholson and his team have made Keeeneland the most player friendly track by using a novel approach. They actually listen to their customers. They actually work at filling the cutomer's needs. Other tracks, are you listening?
Congrats to all at KEE on this well deserved recognition. Mike Maloney-HANA member