Tuesday, June 12, 2012

They took my number down. Is a video replay of the foul too much to ask?

Today's blog piece features an email from a horseplayer named George who lives in Florida. The email speaks for itself and needs little in the way of explanation or commentary from me.
--Jeff Platt, President HANA

"Hi Jeff,

I’m writing in hopes that HANA will bring my complaint to the attention of track management at Calder.

On Sunday 6/10/2012 at Calder in race 1, I bet the #5 horse Steel Hammer to win. My horse won the race but was DQ’d by the stewards afterwards.

I’ve seen my share of bad calls (and this one certainly qualifies) as I’ve been betting races for almost 40 years.

My complaint isn’t about the call itself. Stewards are human and are therefore fallible just like all of us.

My complaint is about Calder failing to show a video replay of the foul on the track video feed afterwards.

As bettors all of us know how it feels to have a winning number taken down.

But as bettors, do we not deserve, at the very least, a video of the foul along with the reason why a winning number was taken down?

Please bring this to the attention of Calder track management.

We as bettors deserve better.


George T.
West Palm Beach, FL"

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Nancy Taylor said...

Just watched the head-on replay of the race in question. Ugh, what a bad DQ !!! Judges in Florida imitating NFL referees (phantom roughing calls) with decisions like that. Sorry, George.