Sunday, December 11, 2011

Meet Charlie Davis: Sports Bettor to Horseplayer & Owner (in Only a Few Short Years)

Have you ever met anyone in their 20's who went from a sports bettor (who had never bet a horse race in their life), to a thoroughbred bettor, harness bettor, NHC qualifier and dual-breed horse owner, in only a few years?

We hadn't, until we met Charlie Davis.

"I'm a lucky guy. Three years ago I did not know much about horse racing at all. I'm glad I chose horse racing"

We're glad he chose horse racing too, as he's an invaluable resource to the HANA Board.

If you'd like to find out how this all happened, please click here (pdf).

HANA would like to thank Trot for allowing us to reprint the article here. Visit here to learn more about Trot.

For a previous interview with another HANA Board member, please see Mike Maloney, courtesy Horseplayer Magazine here.

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