Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Young Blood is Not Like the Old Blood

Here is a recent comment:

“We cannot continue to operate on a 1950s model that is severely outdated,” he says. “We have a ridiculous takeout in the game. It’s archaic. It has not changed with the times. Compare it to the takeout that’s offered on poker or any games that are getting gambling dollars now.”

“I think our number one priority should be our customer,” he insists. “Without a customer, your product is dead. The majority of our customers are baby boomers and older and that’s only going to last for so long. With poker, they’re in that younger generation, mid-20s to mid-30s, and they enjoy a game they can methodically approach and wager their money on. We can offer that, but we need to look at the customer as a whole, everything from takeout to service to the product we provide.”

“We have our hand way too far in the cookie jar and we need to attract the current bettors,” he says. 

“We need them to bring their friends and to attract a younger generation of bettors with a product that is worthwhile betting.”

I bet that quote is from a bettor.


It's from a trainer. A young standardbred trainer being profiled in a magazine piece about his thoughts on what lies in store for his generation in racing.

The young blood in the sport is much more open to growing horse racing, and we hope this catches on throughout the industry.

Full article here.

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