Saturday, September 24, 2011

TOC Fact Checks

In 2011, social media in its various forms allow for very little to slip through the cracks. Usually (sometimes within minutes) a "fact check" item will appear across the wires after a comment or presentation, which is then discussed on the many internet interaction avenues.

Yesterday on the Steve Byk Radio show, the TOC's Lou Raffetto was interviewed. Among other internal issues (one owners group is battling another in California), Mr Raffetto commented on the handle losses in California referring that "takeout is a key blogger issue for a handful of people who won't let it die".

This "blogger issue", backed by all available economic theory and literature since 1971, has, in part, resulted in (the last time we checked) upwards of $200 million dollars in handle losses in 2011, in Mr. Raffetto's state.

That's a whole-lot of "bloggers", isn't it?

The opposing owners group fact checked Mr. Raffetto's interview and immediately alerted all media to a posted pdf. You can read the pdf on here.

Horseplayer groups, horseplayers on chat boards, opposing factions and regular everyday horse racing fans on twitter and facebook allow for very little obfuscation in this day and age. Mr. Raffetto and the TOC is learning that new reality, in real time.


kyle said...

just listened to the interview. Raffeto managed to take three different sides on the issue. One, everything is hunky-dorry in Cali. Two, everything would be hunky-dorry it those few bloggers would just give it a rest - bend over and take it with a smile basically. And three, even though everything is hunky-dorry and the takeout increase has been a success the whole thing was botched and at the very least double and exacta take should be reduced.

Confidencemagnet said...

Fact checks are the common denominator that throws all the bullshit out the window. You must be authentic so a fact check won't phase you.