Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Harness Fans: Big Carryover at Balmoral Park

There is a record pick 4 carryover at the growing Pick 4 pools at Balmoral. If you are a harness fan, check it out. There are also free PP's for the event.

Balmoral has been working hard on their handle, and has been extremely "player friendly":

"September has seen the Balmoral Pick 4 again rise to historic levels. The average pool this month will be around $30,000, a level nobody dreamed possible when the takeout was dropped to 15% last year following a Pick 4 average of just over $8,800 in 2009 at the old 25% rate. It is fairly obvious that Balmoral and the low takeout has gotten some of the Big M Pick 4 players to stick around until the flagship track of harness racing opens and that has helped raise the pools."

Free PP's available here (pdf).

Note: Michael from Balmoral emailed us selections for tonight's card (click to enlarge):

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