Thursday, May 26, 2011

Notes for a Thursday

** Pool Parties, Jerry JAM, A Horseplayers Favorite Trainer and more this Thursday on HANA blog. **

 We're very happy at HANA to support the Harness Racing Pool Party tomorrow night at Western Fair Raceway. The card, which has about $1M in purses, is the tracks signature event and we as horseplayers and fans believe that signature cards are a real future for our sport. Add the fact that the track has cut takeout to 15% on their pick 4, offer free programs and video, we think it's a no-brainer. To read our press release on the event, please click here. Tomorrow please watch the blog for analysis of the pick 4 from software capper Ray and professional caper ITP. As well we'll have links to Whatwins, a pay service offering out the card for free. A free program is out here.

We especially thank Greg Blanchard at Western Fair for his help. His preview of the HANA Pick 4 Pool Party is below.

We got a note from the publisher of a free magazine this week so we pass that along. The International Racing Digest has a feature story on Jerry Jamgotchian. Jerry is certainly passionate about racing, and for those who are on the JAMMER email list, they sure know he has an opinion!

Calfornia racing is struggling, with massive handle losses this season. Most horseplayers would say that they have struggled in the past as well, with (what players thought) were relatively minor fines for infractions. This time Cali-racing has added some teeth to a Jeff Mullins fine and suspension, but Mullins is fighting back with a lawsuit. This is a very tough sport to police. Hong Kong anyone?

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