Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Derby/Oaks Weekend Starts Early for Players

A double-carryover awaits horseplayers tomorrow at Churchill Downs to start the big weekend early

The pick 6 has a $33,700 carryover. The Super-High Five has a $12,800 carryover.Both bets are at a 19% takeout.

There is a decent sized pick 6 carryover at Belmont, as well. That's a 26% take bet.

Further, Calder's 12% pick 5 continues tomorrow. Twinspires players can take advantage of a 0% takeout Friday's in May.

Derby Works, From Bruno here.

Other news for harness players:

Tioga Downs opens up Saturday.

As most know, Tioga lowered takeout last year to New York State mins, and sports the lowest harness takeouts in North America. They have also added a new pre-game show, and a weekly serial program on Time Warner Cable. In addition they have added a huge stakes sked this year and are quickly becoming a player. They deserve our support.

HANA Harness has also been contacted by Western Fair Raceway and we will shortly be announcing a very first Harness Pool Party. Western Fair recently lowered their takeout on pick 4s to a low 15%.

To everyone: Have a great Derby weekend and good luck at the windows.

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