Friday, May 27, 2011

Molson Pool Party Picks, Free Stuff and More!

Tonight at about 9:30PM ET the first leg of the late pick 4 Pool Party gets underway at Western Fair. Harness fans, via an online survey, were allowed to pick the races that they wanted in the pick 4. They are scheduled as races 9-12 tonight.

Free Program for the races is here.

Free video link at website as well.

In addition: New Rewards were announced from, and, specifically for Western Fair tonight if anyone is interested in giving them a try.

As promised we have some resources and picks for you here at HANA Blog. First up, we offer the picks and stats from Ray and his proprietary software package. Ray is a long time poster on the Paceadvantage board.

Stats from "Ray's Robot"

Complete odds line for full card


Pick 4 Pool Party Selections
Race 9
Computer likes #8 based on 2yo record (8/14), Post draw and best Speed Rating
Computer mistakenly forecasts tote board odds as large.
Race 10
Computer going with #8 again based on Last weeks personal final half of 54-2 at this track.
Also has D Palone rated as top driver.
Race 11
Computer goes long with #2 based on high rated local driver, improving form trend, good draw
Race 12
Computer rates the rail high at this track, enough to overcome class up.
Play is.........813/83/25143/1 .....30 tickets

Whatwins is a pay site that has been in operation for about a year now. Dave is a computer programmer who has crunched hundreds of thousands of harness races, and comes up with an odds line, value plays and ROI plays. He has graciously offered the card free of charge ($10 value), all you have to do is email him at and he will send it your way. For the Pool party, Dave allowed us to reprint his system picks here:

"ITP" chimes in next, with his picks. He is a professional player and has been for a great many years. You can follow him on Twitter here.

In what looks to be a probable chalky sequence, it leads to....
1. Taking the obvious, which is not what you want to do
2. Narrowing one or two of the races down so you can maybe hit it a few times
3. Trying to beat Foiled Again as he will be a single on most tickets and that is where the overpay will occur
I'm going to play a combo of 2 and 3.
9th race looks like a 1,3,5,6,8 spread but I'm going to gamble and narrow here.  Yannick launched #3 Village Janus last week as she rattled off a 27.4 3rd Q in an impressive win.  #1 Monkey On My Wheel was a very good 2nd in her first race off the layoff and gets the rail.  Hoping that Yannick can out-drive Brewer (#5 Camille)...#6 Mach Lady gets roughed up if she leaves...#8 Lauren will be behind #1 Monkey, who has never been passed.  Easy as that #1 & #3
10th race seems like Foiled Again is a cinch, but I can't stand keying a horse that will be singled on most and on almost every ticket. So let's try #3 Foiled Again, #4 Aracache Hanover, #6 Art Professor and #8 Atochia
11th race seems impossible and can't really seperate any of the top 5 contenders.  Using #1 Call Me Yours, #2 Miss Maverick, #4 Exquisite Alberta, #5 Racy Gal Hanover and #7 Chief Karen....and hope.
12th race looks like #1 Blissful Breeze, #2 Daddy Mac, #3 Four Starz Trace, #4 Part Shark and #7 Upfront Hoosierboy.  I like #1 & #4 better than #2 (missed 3 weeks), #3 (not very good last week) #7 (bad post, bad spot).
So the main ticket would be 1,3 with 3,4,6,8 with 1,2,4,5,7 with 1,2,3,4,7
Extra ticket would be 1,3 with 3,4,6,8 with 1,2,4,5,7 with 1,4
If you think Foiled Again can't lose, I would play this ticket multiple times 1,3 with 3 with 1,2,4,5,7 with 1,4

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