Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Today's Paradox

Yesterday a press release was issued by, announcing an organized boycott of California racing. A horseplayer wrote: "Good luck getting someone in the media to run the release, because the mainstream racing press is paid for by past performance downloads and ads from California racing"

So far he is right on the mark. No links.

But isn't it a paradox? Racing sites get their revenue from California racing, so they cater to California racing. Racing gets all its revenue from us - the horseplayer - so why is the horseplayer ignored so often in this sport? is looking for a few good men and women - for flyers, facebook management, twitter account management, article writing and more. If interested please email

Note: Jennie Rees has linked it. And so has Equidaily so far today.


Anonymous said...

Horseplayers are unfortunately going to have to pony up and pay for advertising this thing. The press might cover it if and only if handle is off large.

Would be nice to get a banner flown over Santa Anita opening day,

More psychological than anything.

If any monetary help or phone work is required on that, everyone has my deets.

- chicken

Eric said...

as i asked in the previous post yesterday "who are these people?" here is what is posted on Equidaily today:

"[Equidaily comment/hint: Somebody has to step up and attach a name [names] to this effort. Anonymous could be a 13YO in his basement. If an anonymous press release went out to the mainstream media announcing a new, anonymous, "Stop Paying Taxes" website - how many outlets do you think would run it? Having absolutely no idea who is behind this effort makes it hard to know how seriously to take it...]"

Anonymous said...


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