Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Good Point on a Bad Bet

The Big Event blog looks at tri rules which were in place in a three horse race at Santa Anita yesterday (yes, allowing tris on a three horse race if you can believe it).

Getting the extra juice on the $14,039 bet into the trifecta pool that otherwise may have gone in either the win and/or exacta pools is negligent at best and unethical at worse.

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BombsawayBob said...

and don't forget to mention that the $1 Exacta in the race returned MORE than the $1 Tri!

Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable. I am not wagering at SA this meet, but if I was I would have called them. That is basic business - no tris on three horse races for goodness sake. It is difficult to understand how a blogger has to point this out to a racetrack.