Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pricci, Eng & Paulick

John Pricci:

"Platt, a serious player, will support the boycott. He also received commitments from several batch-wagering computer syndicates to not only support the boycott but take proactive measures as well, taking out ads in trade journals, the Los Angeles Times, etc.

Some computer bettors would sacrifice short term gains for long term profits. “We believe in lower takeouts for everyone,” said one syndicate manager. “If takeout was lowered to acceptable levels, we wouldn’t need rebates.”

Only after polling its membership did HANA openly lend its support to the upcoming boycott. Computer syndicates cannot take this tack, however."

Rich Eng:

"The CHRB cannot sugarcoat the fact that it is fleecing the betting public in the name of saving California horse racing. It intends to add the increased revenue into purses. I, for one, am not in favor of a boycott. "

Last up, Ray Paulick. After some chatter in some ports in the storm (e.g. here) wondering if the Paulick Report would link anything regarding the horseplayers and Cali racing (due to ads run on Ray's site supporting purses in CA), the question was answered. And we have html evidence.

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