Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Value Update - Some Tracks and Organizations Want Your Business

We have been hearing more and more about tracks wanting to do things for the player, and in terms of getting a nice pay when you hit something, the following tracks might be on your radar.

Harness race fans have been treated pretty well of late. For this weekends Breeders Crown, the folks there have created two new bets: A pick 4 and a pick 6. Both bets will be at the ultra-low 15% takeout and both pools are seeded with money (better than a guarantee of course). Pocono Downs, where this is being held had 35% take on some exotics this past summer, but lowered them, and now we have two 15% bets. If you bet them, you get paid.

In addition in harness racing, we have Tioga Downs of course who slashed their take this meet. Balmoral Park has their new 15% take pick 4 which is rolling, and recently Pompano Park has slashed their rake. On a chat board today I see that little Northville Downs is trying - they created a place pick 9 at 15%.

In thoroughbred racing, despite the huge horseplayer setback in California, some tracks want your money and want to earn your business.

We are informed at at Portland Meadows, the new 14% take pick 4 is doing fairly well at this very early stage. This bet replaced the super-high take pick 5 from last year. The pick 5 averaged $2000 per card, and the new pick 4 did just short of $15k yesterday, or a 700%+ increase. Seth is handicapping it, we see.

Pinnacle Race Course, is in really tough shape with Michigan racing on the ropes. They lowered their take to try and grow some business.

Retama continues with their 12% pick 3's. The pools are up there as well we are told.

If you are looking at some tracks or events on the simulcast menu, there is a short list. At least if you hit there, with some of these bets, you are sure to get your money's worth in what is perhaps the most difficult gambling game in the world.

If you are a racetrack and you are offering anything in the way of new horseplayer value, please inform us here at horseplayersassociation @, so we can inform our members!


Jeff said...

Hialeah has since joined the fray.

HANA said...

Thanks for the heads up Jeff! We will blog about that now.