Friday, October 1, 2010

Countless Comments. But One Stuck Out

We have been reading countless comments across the web of late, regarding California racing. We will be talking about them more, but this evening one really caught my eye. It was on the HRI site, where Bill Christine has asked Brackpool and Israel to step down.

It's not from a whale saying "I am going to stop betting a million dollars a year", or a name caller, or anyone else inside this sport. It's from a newbie.

I’ve only watched the major horse races on TV, with no betting, until this year. (I’m in my mid-30s.) I’m a newbie. I’ve been following it daily now--the big tracks as well as the small tracks. I’ve done okay as a bettor online, and I’m still learning, but the rake taken by the track makes an already tough game to play far harder to beat, of course. As long as it is reasonable, it is fine, and essential, to the operations of the sport. I get that.

The changes in CA make me shake my head. I love watching Zenyatta as much as anyone, but on most days I’m simply studying the non-superstar ponies in the Racing Form to attain a modest ROI. When that modest ROI becomes more difficult to achieve, due to the current changes, even newbies like me stop feeding that fire. I’m not sure if anyone cares about that, but “small people” count too, and many are the next generation of supporters of the sport.

Post courtesy HRI. For Bill's post and 80 or so comments, please click here.


The_Knight_Sky said...

That is exactly my concern.

If the game is tough enough for the veteran players to show a flat bet profit, and the newbies have next to no chance to clear the hurdles which is now set higher before them with these raise in takeouts.

These newbies that come for "fun" get tapped out easily. Many of them may never return.

The learning curve is a steep and extended one. The tuition to learn the game is not minimal. The majority of the newbies just will not have the leisure dollars to advance to intermediate and advanced levels of handicapping and wagering.

Horse racing has at the current time, an aging fan base. That fan base continues to be neglected at the expense of concerts and the glorification of Cougar Ladies and what not.

Before horse racing invites more guests over (who do very little wagering at this time), it is best to clean the house for the current residents.

Anonymous said...

what is "seeding" a pool? not familiar w that term

HANA said...

Hi Jarrod,

"Seeding" is adding cash to a pool. If I add $20,000 to a pool that can not be won by the person who added it, it is seeded and good for the player - he or she is playing for $20k of track money. It is just like a carryover.