Monday, October 18, 2010

CHRB-HANA Member Meeting Tapes

We have received audio and video of a recent meeting between a CHRB member and a concerned member of HANA. We have uploaded it here.


Anonymous said...

So awesome!

Roger said...

Biggest waste of 6 minutes in my life

Anonymous said...

The "put on a show" line you used was brilliant. Whenever I hear that stupid argument from racing I laugh (or should I say cry) because it shows the people running racing could not sell water in the desert. You sliced and diced it quite well with the Wynn example.


markinsac said...

Roger must work for the CHRB or maybe he's Roger Stein. Anyway, this summed it all. The genuises running California horses STILL THINK THEY HAVE A MONOPOLY ON GAMBLING. THIS ISN'T THE 1970'S ANYMORE FELLAS! It's pretty bad when an outside organization has to explain to you HOW to make more money, and give your customers more money! YOU GUYS DON'T GET IT BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT GAMBLERS. YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR PARKING, ADMISSION AND A FORM. AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO BATTLE A 20% TAKEOUT THAT IS BEING RAISED IN SOME AREAS 10% MORE! CALIFORNIA HORSE RACING YOU HAVE CREATED A LOSE--LOSE SITUATION. STARTING DECEMBER 26TH, I AM DONE WITH CALI RACING . . . AND I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA!

Anonymous said...

What's sad is the CHRB will watch it, and think man, what the hell was that strange betting girl even talking about....

Andrew said...

Marcinsac, the Roger above is not Roger Stein. You must not be listening to his show. Roger Stein sticks up for Horseplayers on a regular basis and has been a champion of lower takeout for years. I also recieved an email correspondence from Roger Stein telling me those were not his comments. Please retract the statement.

The Roger above is also not Roger Way (rwwupl) he has been an advocate for Horseplayers for years as well.

I hope that clears things up.

The video is a home run. HANA leadership needs to do more stuff like this to make the case to California Horseplayers.

Since Roger Stein was brough up here I know for a fact that he would love to have Jeff or another HANA board member on his show to give Horseplayers a forum to state their case. The more the situation is explained to the public the more support Horseplayers will have.



steve said...

that is one great video! Steve