Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Roger Way Joins HANA as First State Rep

We are pleased to announce that Roger Way of California has joined HANA as its very first State Representative. Roger has been a dedicated California horseplayer for many years, and has always been a keen observer of everything California and racing. Whether it be through emails to racings leaders, following CHRB meetings, or speaking to fellow horseplayers, he has been there, watching learning and letting his voice be heard.

"I have been a fan of horse racing since I was 14 years old, and made my first bet at Del Mar a winning one on a horse named "Speedmark" for $18.60. My Dad placed the bet for us and we had a good meal that night and we needed one. My experience with horse racing has been in California for the most part."

"I have always felt that race fans lacked proper representation and could add important input to make the entire game better, but there was no way to make that happen without an organization that was recognized by the industry. We now have that chance with HANA. Though I recognize there will always be different opinions among horse players because it is our nature to be somewhat contrary to the status quo, we must work for the common good, not just for ourselves."

As HANA's state representative in California, Roger will be in charge of bringing any California issue to the board (and other members). He will also make recommendations on a results-based solution to any problem, and hopefully help resolve those problems with those in charge in California. With track surface issues, takeout hikes and a very tough business environment in the state, he will certainly be kept busy.

Roger has often said "racing is a three legged stool, with horsemen, regulators and track owners, but no horseplayers." We hope Roger helps represent the much-needed fourth leg of that stool in California for HANA and all bettors.

Roger's professional background was in corporate management with a well-known electronics manufacturer. Now retired, Roger plays the horses.

"I still love to play the horses, because it keeps me young at heart."

We are delighted Roger has joined the HANA team to help make horse racing better in California.

To join Roger and all of us at HANA you can right here, for free.


Anonymous said...

this is good news, glad to see the team growing, and like the idea of local reps. I am pleased to see Roger specifically take on this role, he conducts himself well and Cali and its horseplayers needs all the help they can get.


Anonymous said...

Roger is a thoughtful guy, who does know his stuff. Thanks for helping out Roger!