Sunday, March 28, 2010

2010 Horseplayers Association of North America’s Proprietary Track Ratings

2010 Horseplayers Association of North America’s Proprietary Track Ratings to be Released This Week. Top Five Tracks to Be Announced Exclusively on the Paulick Report

HANA: “Signal distribution & handle size added to this year’s ratings, based on horseplayer feedback.”


(March 28, 2010 Charlottesville, Virginia) – The Horseplayers Association of North America is proud to announce its second annual Track Ratings List will be released beginning this week. The top five rated North American racetracks will be announced exclusively on the Paulick Report.

“After several months of tabulation and discussion, we are very happy to be able to release this year’s track ratings,” said HANA President Jeff Platt. “We are especially proud to have the ratings evolve by adding new metrics based on horseplayer feedback. We would also like to thank the folks at the Paulick Report for releasing them on their website.”

“The Paulick Report is excited about the opportunity to publish HANA’s exclusive ratings, which I believe provide a very important service to the industry,” said Ray Paulick. “Among the variety of things they do to give a voice to the horseplayer, HANA’s annual ranking of tracks is probably the most valuable. It gives racetracks a chance to evaluate their business models from the customer’s perspective, a very important tool as we all strive to make this industry the best it can be.”

Last year we released our top 65 tracks in North America based on the player-friendly measurable metrics of field size, takeout level, and wager variety. This year, we will again be using the same metrics for our base rating system, however, in response to horseplayer and media feedback, we will also be adding a signal distribution grade and handle size, and incorporating those two items into the final scores.

The fees tracks charge for their signal have been in the news the past year or more, because several tracks have raised, or are looking to raise their fees, as a way to increase revenues. As well, some tracks are not as accommodating as others in offering their signal out to all ADW’s. A high fee hurts the at home player, because less can be offered to them in terms of soft innovations, and player rewards. A signal with limited distribution also causes hardship, because players have to get more than one ADW account to play the tracks they want to play. With Internet wagering being racings only growth segment in 2009, HANA and horseplayers believe tracks who maximize this medium by being player friendly and trying to grow our sport, should get a higher score than those who do not.

In addition, handle per race was deemed important because most horseplayers do not like betting very small pools, and in many cases one receives a de-facto takeout hike by playing exotics into them. We think this metric addresses some of the feedback from members and non-members about adding a quantitative field quality component, as well.

We look forward to releasing this year’s list and hope horseplayers everywhere follow the Paulick Report, and give both the tracks themselves and HANA their feedback on their likes and dislikes about our rated tracks.

At the conclusion of the list, we will again be adding our full 2010 numbers for all 69 rated tracks as a player resource on our website.

To look at our methodology and algorithm for the ratings system, click here.

To contact us at HANA, please email us at info @

The Horseplayers Association of North America is a grassroots group of horseplayers, not affiliated with any organization, who are not pleased with the direction the game has taken. HANA believes that both tracks and horseman groups have become bogged down with industry infighting and have completely forgotten something: The importance of the customer. HANA hopes, through proactive change on several key issues (including but not limited to), open signal access, lower effective takeouts, wagering integrity, affordable data and customer appreciation, the industry’s handle losses can be reversed. HANA is currently made up of over 1500 horseplayers (both harness and thoroughbred) from almost all states and Canadian provinces. It currently represents over $70,000,000 of yearly racing handle.

Our web address is and interested horseplayers can sign up there for free. We are horseplayers, just like you and we are trying to make a difference. We need, appreciate, and ask humbly for your support.


ITP said...

I really hope that all Tracknet tracks get an automatic F grade on signal distribution. It should be a slam dunk. I can't understand why this category is only weighted 1x. High host fees and the act of restricting signals from bettors unless the higher host fee demands are accepted is just poison for all horseplayers.

I also can't believe that any takeout that is 26% or higher is not an automatic F. A 26% takeout rate on tris and supers is graded a C???? That is a slap in the face to all horseplayers giving those criminals a C. I would think it's a joke if I didn't read it myself.

Anonymous said...

I have not read it yet but I hope none of the tracknet tracks which includes Oaklawn, as well as Keeneland or NYRA make the top 5 as all are not ADW friendly as they charge crazy HTF's and that is if you are lucky to even get their signal at all. I agree with ITP that HTF's and availability should carry a lot of weight not 1x if that is the case.