Thursday, June 11, 2009

Targeting Jersey

This weeks Pool Party takes place at Monmouth, Race 9 on Saturday. PP's et al are here.

Thorograph sheets for free, now added.

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Dutch said...

I am a little disappointed that HANA chose Monmouth Park as their pool party track, as the State of New Jersey (the owners of Monmouth Park thru the state agency NJSEA) is not a horse player friendly state.

While New Jersey does allow ADW, you do not have a choice of your ADW company. By law New Jersey resident must use 4NJbets, which is partially owned by the State of New Jersey. (You are also not allowed by law to use your account from outside the State of New Jersey.) Furthermore, the reliability of the wagering platforms is very poor, nearly every major racing day (ie. Derby, Breders Cup day, etc.) has breakdowns. In addition, the customer service is very poor. If I lived in another state and I had these problems, I could just switch to an other ADW company, but because I live in NJ, I can not.

4NJbets does not offer any type of players rewards for the at home player. But other ADW companies can offer rebates and rewards on Monmouth Park races, putting the NJ bettor at a disadvantage, just because he lives in NJ, and even though Monmouth Park is owned by the State.

In addition, last year (2008) Monmouth Park advertised a 15% takeout for their 50 cent Pick 5. But opening weekend, they took a 25% takeout.(I still have the charts) I filed a complaint with the NJ Racing Commission, but the NJRC took no action. Probably, because both the NJRC and NJSEA are NJ state agencies. But there lies a problem, the State operates the track but is also charge of the enforcement of the rules, so if they break the rules, no party can punish them.

I do realize my complaints are against the State of New Jersey, and not Monmouth Park per se, but like I said the State of New Jersey does own Monmouth Park. So I hope you see why I was a little dismayed to see Monmouth Park as your "pool party" track this week.