Sunday, June 7, 2009

Paceadvantage Poll: Rebates or Lower Takeouts?

There is an interesting poll at, conducted by Patrick rom Prairie Meadows: "What do you think is more preferable, a rebate or lower across the board takeouts?"

To vote on the poll please click here. You can also leave comments here, or on the poll thread.

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The_Knight_Sky said...

Lowered across-the-board takeouts.

The logic being that all efforts to gain "new fans/bettors" will be wasted if they still will be eaten up at the overtaxed rates - never to return again.

Efforts to attract a newer younger fan base is clearly futile effort unless incrementally lowered takeouts are reduced to 10 to 12% at all racetracks.

I would propose a reduction of 2% annually from all pools at all surviving racetracks. And 3% percent reduction in the first year
at the tracks who already have the benefits of slots revenues.

Create more winners from the current segmement of the population. They'll be sure to come again to participate in that track's wagering pools.