Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Winds of Change

Jeremy Plonk in his most recent ESPN column:

But, at the same time, the "what's next" for horse racing might be every bit as exciting and effective in righting the game's sinking ship. My hunch is that something on the business end is going to break in 2009, something that gives racing a pulse. What do I base that on? Namely, desperate times and an unbelievable amount of core people associated with the sport who love it to no end -- despite its many faults. This game is filled with fans and hard-working individuals who wouldn't know what to do in any other field, nor want to be a part of anything else. They live and breathe racing, and defend it mightily.

We think so too Jeremy.... at least we hope so.

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Anonymous said...

I just got involved-She saved my sanity never mind my life-My Wife is a Descendant of a couple of Native American tribe--One that sticks out is the Nez Perce--They were well documented to be avid Horse racers and Breeders in their time---They were noted for having the best stock--

It may be a tiny game compared to the NFL---But here that will work to our advantage---This Group HANA will see this game safely into the future----Its Our game and in due time with consistent effort we shall get her back----Any other conclusion goes against the Laws of Nature.