Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Series' at HANAblog

Thanks to everyone who responded via email and by commenting on the blog for our last press release. We have generated some interest in what we feel is a very important topic - the future of online wagering in our sport.

Over the next while we will be posting different ideas and thoughts about where the Internet betting landscape has gone and will go. "HANA2.0" will explore what the future may bring, and where we can possibly go if we work towards that goal.

Two more features we hope to bring over the next while here at HANAblog involve our members, and live racing.

First we are starting a ten question segment: We ask a member ten questions about racing, and he/she shares some thoughts. One great thing about HANA is the diversity of the membership. Horsemen, fans, $2 bettors, $10 bettors and $100 bettors. We have thoroughbred and harness bettors too. We hope to chat and get some excellent feedback during this series called HANATen.

Second, HANALive will focus on the live track experience. We all remember (at least most of us do) the apron packed and the crowd loud - it seems so long ago. Some tracks have been very proactive in trying to bring back that excitement - Keeneland comes to mind. Others have faltered; and frankly we can not blame them too much can we? Slots have changed this game forever.

Hopefully you all will give us some good feedback on these pieces. We can not bring some of the issues to the forefront without help.

Note: We received our 400th member today. Let's hope 500 comes as fast as 400 did. Thanks to everyone who signed up.


Anonymous said...

This is very exciting news--All ground you break will be new ground---The ones who chosen to be out front and the innovators --Have our thought -prayers and 100% support

HANA said...

Thank you anonymous. We really are trying and we feel we are making some headway. At least we hope so.

Thanks again,