Friday, November 28, 2008

People Do Pay Attention

Vic Z over at, John Pricci's site said something interesting recently about groups like HANA. Paraphrasing he surmised that growing groups like this involves signing up players who have been with the game for so long and are so frustrated they believe "why bother, racing never listens?"

I don't blame those people a bit. In fact, many of them have signed up for HANA.

We are here to say that we think the business is changing - bit by bit, brick by monopolistic brick. We have seen industry response here at HANA. We are getting some respect and the members who have signed up are expressing some optimism.

More evidence? How about Dana over at the Self Appointed Fan Committee? They were invited by the Breeders Cup to give their thoughts (as well as other people who love the game, like Valerie at Foolish Pleasure and more). Saddle pads? Ladies Day? Ticket prices? All discussed and asked for by the BC. The SAFC asked members and anyone for their gripes, or praise beforehand.

The problem?

We brought print outs (and sent soft copies) of the submissions we received from SAFC. They were very grateful and started to read them immediately. The total amount of submissions? A whopping 27. It’s not that they’re not willing to listen, because they are. But if we’re gonna get a fair shake against their data, we’re gonna have to roar instead of peep. Many thanks to those who did make submissions, rest assured they’re being read and that they want to hear what we have to say.

As I said, I do not blame people one bit for feeling that their time would be wasted by trying to change racing - we at HANA were one of you. We seem to never get heard, but honestly we see a change. There is a willingness in racing to listen. But it is up to us. We need to participate to have our voices heard.

If you'd like to help us please give us a sign up, or tell a friend. We could use all the help we can get to make sure that racing hears us loud and clear.

As always, thanks for your support.


Anonymous said...

Great point, and thanks for mentioning Self Appointed Fan Committee. I also see a willingness in racing to listen to fans and players; change is slow, but happening, and I'm optimistic that initiatives like SAFC and HANA will have a positive effect on issues like safety, takeout, wagering integrity, etc. -- so long as we stay involved and more people join in.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for having an open forum for the fans. It's great to be able to interact with other fans. A friend joined a 'fan' club at Saratoga (Thorofan) but there seems to be no interaction among the group. It is very closely held by a three members of that board.