Wednesday, March 12, 2014

If Collmus Bet the Rainbow Six

Larry Collmus (to read an interview with Larry, please check March's edition of Horseplayer Monthly here) is like a little kid at Christmas with the pick 6 pool growing at Gulfstream. Often on twitter he will reference his excitement.

Right now he reminds us :
Announcers don't bet a bet like this, but if Larry did, I am thinking the fun he has calling the bet would be a little different. And maybe cost him his job.

But it sure would be fun to listen to him become one of us. 

"And here comes Barzini! Barzini? For cripes sake I didn't use him!!!"

"Javier Castellano in an all out ride. He's won three already.... and I have him singled! Get this horse home Javy!"

"And here they come. Fantastic Voyage holds onnnnnnnn at a huge price! Who has two thumbs and used Fantastic Voyage? This guy!"

"Here comes Centaur Man. If you used this horse, you must be picking numbers for gosh sakes. Someone beat this horse please"

"It's Rasta Friend on the outside, and I'm alive to him. C'mon Mon! C'mon Mon! C'mon Rasta Friend"

"Curlin on By is a price and he's looming. I used him. Curlin up some of those stones into Larry's pocket little fella."

"Cinderella Time loses thanks to a god awful ride by Elvis Trujjilio, knocking me out. Elvis, leave the building and don't come back for awhile."

 "The field is covered in the last race, and I went out the last leg so Tim Ritvo is going to call this one. Good night everyone! Drive safe!"

Good luck if you are playing this bet today.

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