Thursday, March 6, 2014

Do the Rainbow Six Rules Need Tweaking?

Last week a man had a Rainbow Six ticket that he took for $1. He was close to a pool shot, but never had the chance. Despite him having it on one ticket, which is the supposed "rule", that ticket was taken, technically, for 5 times the base amount. No winner, even if he was the only ticket.

Today, races were taken off the turf due to the massive storm that hit south Florida. Those races, in the Rainbow Six sequence, were considered "alls". "Alls" in a hard to hit (some might say near-impossible to hit at these levels) bet are not even a bet at all. No one had a remote shot to hit the Rainbow Six today, and it brought in hundreds of thousands in handle.

If someone hits the Rainbow Six on one ticket, regardless of denomination, it can be argued that it's fair he or she takes home the prize.

If there are "all" races in a sequence due to, say for example, two or more off the turf races, one might argue a refund is in order.

Buyer beware is fine. But we have to remember, the Rainbow Six is trying to capture new lottery-type players, and perhaps some new fans. Being fair is probably something that should be considered.

What do you think?


chiliking said...

I think the rules are pretty clear. There is no way a person that hits the Rainbow 6 five times has "only one ticket". He or she has 5 tickets. Lots of people play the Rainbow 6 for more than $0.20 per ticket when the pools are large. Trying to hit the ticket multiple times.

Unknown said...

As a teller when someone says "repeat the ticket" with a Rainbow I smile and say "no"...I will not let someone hurt themselves. ..that is my job....what someone does on the self service machine is their business. ..