Friday, September 20, 2013

A Lack of Consistency Hurts the Sport

You'll often hear bettors say "I just wish they would call the same infractions at track A like they do at track B and C. And at track D and E too"

It's a fairly common refrain.

At times we as horseplayers sometimes wonder if it is only us this happens to. In this case, it's the participants too.

Today, trainer Reid Nagle had a letter published at the Paulick Report about the Tampa Bay Downs situation. He seems to feel (I hope I am not putting words in his mouth, it's just what drift I catch from his letter), that Tampa Bay Downs is not being consistent in its handling of the Jane Cibelli case.

"Tampa Bay Downs’ response to the Cibelli situation could not have been more disappointing. They ruled the vet off the track within days, but Jane Cibelli, despite the well-known trainer responsibility rule, continued racing for the remaining three months of the meet. When questioned by Ray Paulick, Peter Berube made the false claim that the state’s handling of the case tied their hands. Well Peter Berube, to that I say “horse caca.”

We as bettors, and owners for that matter, don't care who committed what infraction. We don't care how much money someone has, or how many wins they have. We don't care if we like him or her as a jock or trainer, or we don't like them. If they have ten horses in the stalls or just one. We just demand everyone be treated the same, and every infraction treated the same; with consistency. Is that too much to ask?

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