Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A "Kentucky Paradise" And Credit Where Credit is Due to NYRA

Kentucky Downs has been generating appreciable buzz for their current meet. We looked at the handle progression on the weekend here at HANA Blog, and the track that calls itself a "bettors paradise" might not be that far off. Their big fields, low takeout and their willingness to "go get you" as a customer cannot be overstated.

On the weekend, speed was good and the inside posts in sprints were not. If you are playing today that's something you may want to look for. Handicapper Lenny Moon has his selections up today, as he has been analyzing and studying the meet.

Credit where credit is due. For quite awhile horseplayers - on twitter at simo centers, on chat boards - have been asking NYRA to add some horseplayer friendly items to their menu with the advent of slot machine revenue. A lot seemed to think it would never happen. Well, it has. The low takeout pick 5 has been rolling since the Belmont opener and they've now added Trakus technology. This is a tremendous start and for a signal that has been long-popular, it makes a lot of players very happy. Well done!

We were humbled by the response to our inaugural "Handicapping Monthly" pdf e-magazine that we released on Monday. Downloads have been through the roof and the comments have been very appreciated. We want to sincerely thank the Bloodhorse for running our press release, all of you for mentioning it on twitter, Paceadvantage for letting us link it in our forum, and too many others to mention (if we are forgetting anyone, we are truly sorry; it is simply an oversight). A special thanks should go out to Ray Paulick and Scott at the Paulick Report for giving us a feature story in their new Horseplayer Forum. 

For ADW's like and who advertised with us, we thank you. Please horseplayers, check these two ADW's out. They are trying to help you win. 

The Horseplayer Monthly, as Jeff noted in the press release, is something we think can help people become better and more engaged bettors, offer handicapping information you will not find anywhere else, and spread the word about the 'greatest gambling game ever invented'. If you have not checked it out, please do here.

Good luck and good racing from everyone at HANA.

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