Thursday, April 21, 2011

Does Takeout Matter? You Judge

If you ask any price sensitive player they will tell you pricing is everything - between being black and red at the end of the year and enjoying the sport of horse racing more or less. Brad Free in the DRF today exposes that for every player, in black and white.

Today's Hollywood Park pick 5 at a proper takeout rate, instead of the egregious TOC/CHRB mandated 23.68% hiked rate, paid out at 526-1 odds, instead of 466-1. That's not spin, or wagering economics that you need a PhD to understand. That's real money, in your pocket, to make your horse racing experience better.

Full column from Brad Free here.

Calder Race Course's meet begins April 25th, with a new pick 5 at 12%. Read about that here.


Nancy Taylor said...

Hope that Calder enjoys half the success with their new pick 5 wager as Hollywood Park has so far. Saturday's Pick 5 pool at Hollywood Park with full fields and good horses should be huge. Serious players need to support these reduced take-out wagers if possible.

Anonymous said...

It s who gives the adw the best deal is and will be the handle leader...April 23 2011 handle Tampa 3,950,000.00...takeout 800,000 purses 135,000 or less than 2% check out the numbers when the meet is over and you will understand that when the horsemen sell their product for next to nothing and the bettor allows the adw to take it all then its a matter of time for the END.MARTY

Anonymous said...

Anon, the ones who get the biggest breaks on getting signals cheap are brick and mortar outlets, where a good percentage of what is bet is split amongst the track and horsemen from where the bet was made.
Secondly, much of handle is propped up by rebates through ADWs that give them.
Take away the rebates, and handle would shrink considerably.

Anonymous said...

Who does Calder think they are fooling? Racing fans continue to want fair pricing in the WPS pools. Not many new patrons want to jump into exotic betting where winning experiences are infrequent. Much of the problem is thst people equate horse betting with being an automatic exercise of futility. An occasional successful exotic winner isn't sufficient to blot out all the discarded tickets. The psyche needs stroking. Betting in straight pools should be promoted and encouraged.

In this regard, how does Calder justify imposing an 18% WPS takeout when NYRA has a 16% takeout and a better quality of racing. That's about 16% higher takeout rate!

Calder's P4 reduction is so minimal, in the scheme of things, as to be hardly newsworthy.