Monday, April 18, 2011

Golden Gate Mirrors Santa Anita & Handle Falls 19.4%, Both Florida Tracks Sport Handle Increases

As promised here are updated numbers (Santa Anita meet numbers with a loss of handle of $122.9 million published below previously). Click to enlarge.

Golden Gate, off 19.4%, and 15.9% per race. Tampa grows handle by 6.2% overall and 8.60% per race. Gulfstream rises 6.4% and 2.4% per race.

HANA President Jeff Platt commented earlier today on the numbers.

"Make no mistake. The takeout increase in California has become a complete and utter failure. With each passing day racing customers everywhere are becoming more and more aware that racing has a high takeout problem."

Calder hopes to keep the Florida good vibes going with a North American Low 12% take pick 5, for their meet which is starting April 25th.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Tampa.....when your willing to give the adw 18% on tris and supers and the horsemen who put on the show 3% then you would expect the handle to grow...a bet at tampa is the best deal for all the adw and the worst deal for horseman and regular bettors