Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday Notes

Sign of the times? Mountaineer is chopping their schedule. h/t to Equidaily.

There are some good "tweets" coming from the Arizona conference. In real time you can follow some of the sessions. Overall you can see some by searching, like here. If you would like to follow someone, UShorseman is doing some fine reporting.

HANA Advisory board member John Pricci has a kick-butt column on late odds drops today. It is a neat discussion piece between two HANA board members, actually, as Cary was one of the first to lend us a hand here at HANA.

Jessica at Raceday360 links for us a piece: "I've spent time with companies that are shrinking their way to greatness. It doesn't work." Betfair exec at #RTIP More here.

Power Cap, in his usual no nonsense style, looks at NYRA versus Philly in this article. Nice illustration on how absurd some of the slots stuff has made the game of racing, from a fan and ROI standpoint.

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