Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Horseplayer Issues Being Discussed - Even on Bloodhorse

Today there was a list of wishes for racing, via Alex Waldrop's blog on Bloodhorse.

Mr. Waldrop's constituency is mainly the industry, i.e. the folks who tax us at 22%, and generally would like us to bet, lose, go the ATM, lose more, and then come back tomorrow and do the same. But a funny thing: There were horseplayer wishes for the next decade in his list, too.

Lower takeout for all bettors
Elimination of tax withholding for players
Effective wagering monitoring technology for tote companies

Three fairly large issues, front and center. This is good news and something we have not seen from insiders, perhaps ever. Heck, the lower takeout message alone is a huge step. For years it has been considered heresy to say such a thing in a trade mag; it is rumored that those that did had to muck stalls as penance (but that is only a rumor).

The message from players (you, me, everyone) is starting to resonate (as well as handle losses I would surmise). Let's hope players speak louder and louder in 2010 and beyond and people like Alex are there to listen, and perhaps make the changes needed for the sport to grow.


TitleTown Matt said...

Discussions are great, but I fear it may just be lip service. Needless to say, I hope I am wrong, but I don't think that's the case...

eric said...

Funny thing just happened...

I just received a survey for the NHC Tour and their "player panel" is suggesting a surcharge to increase year end prizes.

To be clear that is horseplayers taxing horseplayers!!!

With that said do horseplayers really care about takeout or do horseplayers just need to b!tch and moan about something?

Funnier thing is the chair person is Mike Mayo. Isn't he the guy that started the pool party thing? Wasn't one of his complaints takeout? Now apparently he's at the fore of adding takeout???

I would say a full HANA investigation is in order!

If you really want to represent the horseplayer you'll get down to business and found out the "Paul Harvey" on this one.

El Entrenador said...

Racing will do NOTHING for the bettors until the bettors stop betting. Every other business (almost) has lowered their prices during the economic downturn. They are genuinely trying to see their products. Horseracing, on the other hand, has done NOTHING to lower prices or make the product better. Bettors must stop betting to get a reaction. Until then, we will get treated like a bunch of bums. And you know what? If we stand for it, we deserve it. STOP BETTING EVERYONE. I BEG YOU. You'll see action FAST.

Indulto said...

To those who may disagree with ATQP, how much worse does it have to get before you're willing to close your wallets to make things better?

Talk is cheap and it's all we'll get until they're convinced we're finally fed up with things as they are.

Just stop betting any race that isn't televised live on network TV. They'll get the message.

Anonymous said...

There is a horseplayer boycott going on right now. Handle is down by 30% the last few years. Another 5% should make no difference at all. They will just blame it on the economy and ask for more takeout probably.


Anonymous said...

It is Sunday January 3rd ... Due the the tracknet dispute I can not watch Santa Anita, Fair Grounds, or Gulfstream unless I drive over 200 miles to a track that just cancelled their live card due to weather conditions. I am just one person but that is $100 of handle that won't be played today.