Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Items

A big horseplayer thumbs up to NYRA for the Anti-slaughter policy announced today. You would not believe how horseplayers are behind such horse-centric issues. We hear from them all the time here at HANA.

Any owner or trainer stabled at a NYRA-operated track found to have directly or indirectly sold a horse for slaughter will have his or her stalls permanently revoked from all NYRA tracks.

Techno-talk: Twinspires is looking into apps and rolling out some new techno items for their internet platform in 2010.

Techno-talk II: Apps and new internet platforms will not succeed unless data is offered as free use, or affordable free use.

Community stuff: A member pointed out the Tampa Bay betting group online and working away at making some money at the meet that starts tomorrow. It's here if you are interested. To read our interview with Tampa's Peter Berube about lowering takeout and the upcoming meet, click here.


Anonymous said...

Another reason not to join HANA.

HANA said...

Hello sir,

Many horseplayers give to retirement homes like Old Friends. Some are horse owners who pay for their horses to live out their days on a farm. Membership is voluntary, so if you do not agree with horseplayers who are doing that to help retired horses, it is your prerogative.


Anonymous said...

No doubt you'll throw out my first comment, so here's another one.

Yippee!!!!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!
Anti-slaughter IS anti-animal use! Slaughter for food is now animal cruelty! And HANA just celebrated another step towards getting your precious "companion animal" racehorses yanked from "slaughter in racing silks" (aka RACING). Wheeee!!!

At least the old gals at For Inesperado will give you a thumbs up. Smart people will give you the bird.

Janine said...

Anonymous, are you one of those people defending dog fighting and cockfighting as well? Our athletes are not meat, and we don't want to be subject to meat-animal rules.