Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Prize Payouts

I was contacted by a friend a couple of weeks ago who needed some help. She is running a charity night and wanted me to run a table for something called "Crown & Anchor". What the he^# is that, I have no idea; I play horses. After a little searching I find out that is it a dice game, where specially made dice have symbols on them. After a dice roll, if one symbol that you pick comes up you get paid even money, if two, you get two to one, if three, you get paid three to one. The takeout on the game is 7.9%.

Flipping to racing, I see a post from Bill on regarding the payoffs at Delaware Park yesterday:

1 $4.20
2 $3.40
3 $2.60
4 $2.60
5 $3.00
6 $4.80
7 $4.80
8 $2.80
9 $6.40
10 $3.40

Getting three symbols at Crown & Anchor pays more than any horse paid all day at DEL - and at a 7.9% rake.

One of racings edges on other forms of gambling is our prize payouts. With the above card at DEL (which is not isolated to only there) I think that is something that we better work harder on.

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