Monday, September 21, 2009

HANA Welcomes Charlie Davis to the Board of Directors

We are happy to announce that Charlie Davis of Seattle, WA has been added to the HANA Board of Directors.

The duty of a HANA board member involves attending weekly meetings, championing new areas to expand the group, offering new ideas, member interaction, attending conferences as well as general duties. As board member Bill likes to say sometimes, "the pay is nothing, and you will probably get yelled at now and again". Despite that, Charlie agreed to help out. We are very fortunate to have him aboard.

Charlie, being a twenty-something horseplayer, brings a slightly different perspective to the HANA group, who have all been playing racing since they were old enough to bet. He has only been playing the races for five years, after being a sports bettor. We think that is a tremendous asset, as fresh new ideas from a newer generation is paramount to racings success, and it is a cornerstone of the HANA mission statement.

We thank Charlie very much for being a part of HANA.

Other notes:

Our quarterly newsletter is scheduled to be out soon, so keep an eye out for it in the inbox.

Board Members Dean, Theresia, Bill, and Mike should be at Keeneland for the week of October 9th to 16th or so. Please email if any of you would like to meet up.

Board Members Theresia and Cary Fotias should be at the BC at Santa Anita as well, so again, if any of you would like to meet, please get in touch.

As always, good luck at the windows; and thank you for reading.

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