Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pool Party - Mountaineer this Friday!

All the free stuff for the race in one spot!


Anonymous said...

Would mountaineer pace the safety and integrity alliance? (no) SHould tracks lower their take out at the expense of the welfare of their horses? Do horseplayers not care about the horses?

HANA said...

HANA runs free ads for retirement foundations and board members are financial supporters of them. We have run features on the blog about them as well. We hope, if we ever have revenue to help these in a larger way.

Each track chosen for the Pool Party has its detractors (or positives and negatives). Some based on the issue you state, track management, takeout questions, minimum wager questions, surface, or something like a bad personal experience. We try to minimize those the best we can. In Mountaineers case, their willingness to offer their signal to anyone who wants it, at a fair price where takeout can be lowered via several ADW's is this tracks selling point, however it does not mean they are perfect or that trumps some of their deficiencies, one of which you state.