Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pool Party at Mountaineer: Free PP's and More

All the free stuff for the race in one spot!

The "Hana Pool Party" is a concept first detailed by HANA members and long time horseplayers, Mike Mayo and Ross Gallo (explained in detail here). In a nutshell, we hope to pool a significant following of horseplayers, and horseplayer money each week, to bet into a specific pool, or track. We hope that the concept can mushroom and raise awareness of horseplayer-centric issues that can make our game a better one to play, and grow the sport of horse racing. No amount of betting is too small, we appreciate every dollar played.

Previous pool parties resulted in a doubling of some pool targets (e.g. Will Rogers and Tampa), and spiked pools at larger tracks in a significant way.

We thank all the organizations which have helped us promote the concept, with free past performances (Trackmaster), selections (Trackmaster and the Perikan Money Sheet), figures ( and thorograph) linking (Equidaily, Paulick, Green But Game, the TBA and many bloggers who are playing each week) and ad networks/chat boards( Hello Race Fans and I hope we are not forgetting anyone! We love the support and can not do it without you.

Thank you all, and good luck at this weeks race! To handicap the race and discuss and plan future Pool Parties, please join the Handletalks Yahoo group and have a some fun.And don't forget to join HANA here. It's free!

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comet52 said...

I noticed the pool for MNR did not increase significantly for that race. Total appeared to be about 20% higher than normal for that race, compared to much better pp results in the past. I would not schedule a Friday night pp, bad night when people are out doing other stuff. I would not schedule during what is easily dinner hour for many east/midwest and still at work or commute on west coast. I would never schedule a pp for a Fri or Sat night actually. Just my 2 cents.