Thursday, October 2, 2008

HANA Update

A conference call occurred last night, as has been the weekly norm for the HANA Group.

It has been a busy time, and we are very happy with the membership numbers that are rolling in. Thanks to everyone. But it is also time for a Mea Culpa: The membership has not been updated via email yet, and that is our bad. We are currently trying to get all members and emails logged in a database and that has taken some time. Many of you (thank you again!) have added notes to your membership asking "how can I help?" We are not ignoring that, we love it, however getting the ducks in a row takes some time.

Here is what we have been working on and plan to do over the next while:

1. Get out a newsletter to members, updating them on what's been happening and what they can do to help. If you have not told a friend about HANA, forwarding a newsletter is a good way to!

2. Get the "Hana Store" up and running. We have heard some nice things about our logo and our mission. I know some of you want some gear to wear to the track. We are trying to get that up soon so if you want, you can buy some and help out your organization. We now have a bank account. It has less cash in it than many of our ADW betting accounts, but we hope to hit some supers and get it to grow.

3. Set up the HANA Advisory Board. This involves getting some members involved to help on big picture stuff.

4. Getting a PayPal donation link going. We know it is tough out there in our economy and with high takeouts; and we know there are many who can not help financially. We never expect it from our members. However, if someone out there does, they will at least have a place to donate. This cash will go to several marketing avenues that we have planned and have discussed.

5. Helping the player through web tools and other web based avenues. We soon hope to have track ratings, handicapping information and more up on our website.

So you are now up to date. Our slogan has been "Rome was not built in a day" and that is never more apparent. There is a lot of work to do. But please know we are trying. Together we hope to make the game better for us all.

Thanks for reading and good luck at the windows!

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